Bank Borehole Water Test Template

Bank Borehole Water Test Template for property buyers.

Bank Borehole Water Test Template for borehole water.Bank Borehole Water Test Template

  • We have talk to one of our borehole water testing laboratories to provide us with a better price structure for water testing.
  • To get all the requirements to ensure that the borehole water fulfill to all the requirements.
  • That is an expensive exercise.
  • It is in the thousands.
  • If you consume borehole water that is contaminated.
  • That can have a livelong health influence on you or on one of your loved once.
  • That is the last thing on a fathers mind.
  • Any father and mother will do anything just to get the best for their children.
  • Children are also very prone to get ill from nearly anything.

Borehole water that cause illness to boy.

  • A friend of mine had a farm and the ground water flow out of the borehole.
  • The problem is that the borehole water had this rusty color.
  • They stayed on that farm for about 8 years.
  • Then all of a sudden his oldest son got ill.
  • He had something in his stomach.
  • With tests it revealed that it was in fact some growth and it was cancerous.
  • He went for an operation and some chemo.
  • He fully recovered.
  • Till today his father believe that it was due to that water on that farm.
  • They have never tested the water.
  • They just consume it.
  • The best water comes from the ground is what every person believe.

Bottled water at the source.

Bank Borehole Water Test Template

Glass with water required by banks

  • If you look to the consumption of spring water.
  • Bottled at the source.
  • This is not a very good idea to consume this type of water.
  • The question that I can ask is: from where does the water flow that is bottled at that source?
  • From what direction is the water from?
  • Did it flow through a residential area?
  • What if it flows through an informal settlement that have pit toilets.
  • Where do that human faeces flow when it disappear into the ground.
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Bank Borehole Water Test Template

Oil on water from tap water

Copy the Bank Borehole Water Test Template and print it to request that the test be done on those items.




      Copy and paste this template. This is the current estimated price at Waterlab for the test.                            

Analysis Samples Unit cost Total
pH 1 38,00 38,00
Electrical conductivity 1 38,00 38,00
Total dissolved solids 1 112,00 112,00
Colour 1 52,00 52,00
Odour 1 34,00 34,00
Turbidity 1 55,00 55,00
Nitrate and nitrite 1 67,00 67,00
Chloride 1 67,00 67,00
Sulphate 1 67,00 67,00
Fluoride 1 67,00 67,00
11-20 element ICP-OES analysis (Na, K, Ca, Mg, Al, Sb, As, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, Ni, Se, V & Zn) 1 479,00 479,00
E. Coli 1 206,00 206,00
Total organic carbon 1 140,00 140,00
Total Cost (VAT excluded)                                          1422,00/sample