Bank Borehole Water Test

Important Bank Borehole Water Test that must be done.

The Bank Borehole Water Test Requirements?


Get your Bank Borehole Water Test done at any of this two laboratories.

Tests for Bank Borehole Water Required By Financial Institutions.

  • When you buy a farm or any property where you make use of borehole water.
  • The banks require from the seller to provide the bank with a Laboratory report and are referred to as the Bank Borehole Water Test.
  • This water tests involve different items that’s been tested for.
  • The Laboratories work with the standards set by the SANS-241 (2006).
  • This standard was set up by the SABS.

Estimated cost for the Bank Borehole Water Test.

You have two options to where you can do your  Bank Borehole Water Test done.

The first laboratory is BioGrade.

  • The Laboratory that we mentioned in this website has provided me with an estimated cost for all the tests.
  • The cost is about ( Get new Prices) to test for all the items on the SANS-241.
  • If you want to know more about the tests you are welcome to phone.
  • Willem Wepener at BIOGRADE,
  • Tel 012 345 5244
  • Fax 086 637 6838
  • Cell 082 412 3130.
  • Willem is the owner.
  • They are helpful and friendly.
  • Call them now and get your water results.

The name of the second laboratory is Water Lab.

  • They are located in Persequor Techno Park.
  • The Persequor Techno Park is located opposite the Botanical Gardens.
  • Ard van de Wetering is the person that we dealt with there.
  • People friendly and do a very good job.
  • Ard supply us with a type of test that would have a mayor cost benefit to our clients.
  • This is ideal for the Bank Borehole Water Test that must be done.
  • It is just a shortened test but is worth it.
  • Please go to the Bank Borehole Water Test Template and download it.
  • Tell them that you want this test done.
  • Even if you do not make use of their services you can request any laboratory to only test for this items on the template.
  • Phone: 012-349-1044/1066
  • Fax: 012-349-2064
  • Email:
  • Address: 23B De Havilland Crescent
    Persequor Techno Park, Meiring Naude Road, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Steps to fulfill bank borehole water test.

  • Contact us to get a reverse osmosis system installed.
  • Contact the laboratory and get information regarding water sampling and directions.
  • Ask questions about the borehole water sampling process.
  • Get a water sample from the borehole and another sample from the reverse osmosis system.
  • Take it to the laboratories for analysis.
  • When you get the information from laboratories.
  • You then submit the laboratory results to the bank.
  • The reverse osmosis sample is for human consumption for it would be purified water.
  • Just remember that the RO Systems water is only for human consumption.
  • Borehole water for animal use is also advised to be tested by the laboratory.
  • The borehole water sample will indicate if the water would be suitable for animals and irrigation.

CONTACT the water testing laboratories now!

The laboratories will assist and help you with any water test request you may have.
We supply and install the correct water purifying system that would solve your problem.



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