Borehole Water Testing Laboratory

Borehole Water Testing Laboratory in Pretoria.

Recommended Borehole Water Testing Laboratory.Borehole Water Testing Laboratory

The borehole water testing laboratory that we recommended is Water Lab.

Address: 23B De Havilland Cres, Persequor Techno Park, Pretoria, 0020

Phone: 012 349 1044

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Why do you recommend Water Lab as a Borehole Water Testing Laboratory?

  • They are professional in what they do and there prices is not that expensive.
  • They still interact with their clients and give advice.
  • They are a small business that is client focused.
  • If you have a question regarding water or any other test they will assist you or advice you what to do.

Borehole water testing requirements.

  • If a person buy a property that make use of borehole water.
  • The financial institution will required from the seller to provide them with water tests that’s been done by a certified laboratory.
  • The SANS-241 (2006) is the standards that they use as a guideline.

Is it really necessary to test the borehole water?

Yes it is very important to test the borehole water on a regular basis. It is only for the well being of your family. Borehole water could be safe to consume the one moment and the next moment it can be deadly.

Where do you think does the borehole water come from?

  • Borehole water flow for hundreds of kilometers underground.
  • It flow in natural ground pipes or cracks in rock formations.
  • It is like a river flowing underground.
  • This underground water flow in any direction.
  • You don’t know from where this borehole water comes from.

Flow chart of borehole water.

  • We don’t know where the underground water flows.
  • It can flow for thousands or hundreds of kilometers underground or even flow for a part above ground.
  • What do you think is the possibility that this underground water flow through a cemetery, a township with every shack having a long drop.
  • Under factories and many more to mentioned.

Location of your borehole.

  • How far from your borehole is a French drain or a long drop?
  • Is it less than 500 meters?
  • If it is then I can tell you that the fluid from that sewerage unit could be present in your borehole water.
  • Yes I have found roundworms in borehole water that was 600 meters from the septic tank.
  • Don’t be misled to believe that borehole water is that clean.

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