Warning Drinking South Africa borehole water

Warning Drinking South Africa borehole water could be harmful.

Warning Drinking South Africa borehole water.Warning Drinking South Africa borehole water

  • Warning Drinking  South Africa borehole water is a serious health possibility.
  • If you use borehole water in South Africa we would recommended that you have your water tested at least one a year.
  • The first test would cost in the region of about R 3 000.00 where they test all the important elements.
  • When they have identify the critical elements that could be a health risk to you.
  • The next test you just test for those that were a problem or a border case.
  • That would help you to establish if the bore whole water worsen or is it still the same.

Warning when Drinking  South Africa borehole water that was not tested.

  • Why do we say that it is important that you test your borehole water on a regular basis?
  • We have found that heavy metals that are present in borehole water can cause health problems over a period.
  • That is why it is very important to do the borehole water tests once a year.
  • Never let any water shop or outlet test your water.
  • Take the borehole water to an accredited water lab.
  • They test the water sample according to strict procedures.
  • Please remember that no  laboratory will ever give you a water sample where they give a warranty that the water is save for human consumption.
  • If the laboratory give you a warranty that the water is save for human consumption, you would notice that they mention that it is the case during the test.
  • If your water quality worsen a week later they will not be liable if you say that the water is saving.
  • You can never know when there is some kind of contamination of the borehole water.
  • Heavy rains can cause that or a sewerage spill a hundred kilometers from the borehole location.


  1. The best advice it can give a person is to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system installed with a “Bio Activated Carbon Filter”.
  2. The “Bio Activated Carbon filter is critical”.
  3. Then the next thing is to get a UV Light system installed.
  4. The UV Light system will kill any live organism that may be present in the borehole water.


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