Water Consumption Requirements

Do you know the banks water consumption requirements?

We Supply, service, install and advice that comply with the water consumption requirements!Water Consumption Requirements

  • We would help and assist you with any question you have regarding water purification and water consumption requirements.

What is the water consumption requirements?

  • The banks play it save that they do not finance any transaction of any kind of property where the people make use of borehole water for human consumption.
  • I agree that this is the right thing to do.
  • It is a head ace for the seller and they usually get the wrong information from the water companies.
  • People phone me from all over South Africa with the weirdest stories.
  • How the water treatment businesses wants to rip them off.
  • This request from the bank is not that difficult to fulfill.
  • You must just know what they required from you.
  • There are two requirements they want.

Borehole water volume and the water consumption requirements.

  • This test is been done by any borehole drilling or irrigation business.
  • They bring their testing equipment and lower the pipe into the borehole.
  • They then pump water from the borehole at different capacities per hour.
  • They then calculate what the water volume capacity of the borehole is.
  • Like for instance they will inform you that borehole one deliver say 200 000 liters of water per hour.
  • Borehole number two deliver just 50 000 liters of water an hour.
  • That information is required by the banks to establish if there is water for the plants when the new owner wants to make a garden.
  • That there would be enough water.

Human water consumption certificate.

Water Consumption Requirements

Water Consumption Requirements

  • This is a totally different test.
  • The banks want to know if the new owner occupies the property.
  • Would the borehole be suitable for human consumption?
  • Is there any health hazards present in the borehole water?
  • How would you feel if you buy a property and the water is not suitable for human consumption?
  • Yes I know about borehole water.
  • Over a time this borehole water can cause kidney failure and other health hazards.
  • There are some areas where that borehole water is even Radioactive.
  • Would you mind using water that is hazardous to your loved once health?
  • I bet you the first thing that you do is to sue the previous owner or the bank.

Solution to the water consumption requirements certification:

  • There are two options and it must be followed strictly as I lay them out.
  • If there is any doubt please feel free to phone or contact me.

Water pressure below 3 Bar:

  • First you test the water pressure from the tank or the pump where you are going to install the water purifying system.
  • Let’s say the water pressure is below 3 Bar.
  • You go to any store that sells reverse osmosis systems.
  • You buy a 5 stage reverse osmosis system with an electrical pump.
  • Just a 5 stage anything else is a waste of money.
  • You take it and install it.
  • Let the water flow through the reverse osmosis system for an hour.
  • Then collect a water sample.
  • I advise you to send it to the water lab that is on the website.
  • When they have tested your water you can take that water report and submit it to the bank.
  • The requirements are human consumption not animal consumption.
  • A reverse osmosis system would do the thing.
  • We also supply the reverse osmosis systems.
  • We connect all the piping at the correct places.
  • You just connect it on the water supply and the waste water line to the drain.
  • The last thing is you must install the tap for the purified water.
  • Oh I forgot you must have an electrical supply for the electrical pump to work.

Water pressure above 3 Bar:

  • If the water pressure is between 3 and 4 Bar then you just install the 5 Stage reverse osmosis system to the water supply.
  • If the water pressure is higher than 4 Bar you must get a reverse osmosis system pressure regulator.
  • The iron type.
  • NO plastic rubbish.
  • You can get the 5 stage reverse osmosis system from any business that sells the water systems.
  • Only the 5 Stage reverse osmosis system.
  • Nothing more.
  • Not a six or seven stage.
  • That is totally a money waster.
  • This sales person is dishonest if they want to sell you some mineral replacement filters.
  • That filters is FRAUD.
  • If you have any question feels free to contact me.
  • We also supply the reverse osmosis systems.

Water safety protection :

  • If you want to make 100% sure your water is absolute pure.
  • The only product that I promote that could be added to your 5 stage reverse osmosis system is the UV light unit.
  • This UV light unit will kill any live thing in the water.
  • That is the last resort that you can take.
  • Nothing more.
  • Anything more is a total waste of money.

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