Big blue system for Well point water

Big blue system for Well point water.

The sales people in the water industry promote the 20” big blue system as the best option for borehole water.
They will inform you about all the aspects of the system and what it can do.
After a sales talk with a sales person about the big blue system you have no other option but to take a system.

Is the Big blue system for Well point water effective?

According to the sales person it is the best.
I’m 8 years in the industry and tested most of the products.
I do not take any sales persons word for what it is worth.
I investigate any claim a sales person make.
The big blue system is not effective. It is a waste of money.
I have proof.
Just click on the link and click on the last photos on the page.

Sable Hills Estate Tap Water 2016

Using the Big blue system for Well point water filtration?

Sales people will inform you that the big blue system remove bacteria, parasites, sediment and heavy metals.
The activated carbon filters remove chemicals and chloride from the water.
That is what they promote.
There is no and I say no independent laboratory test reports on the system or the filters.
The information the sales people use is marketing material.
That information is to sell stuff and is not the real facts.

Big blue system for Well point water advice.

My advice to you concerning the big blue system is to, never buy the system.
You will only waste your money.
The people that promote this product don’t have a clue about the products they promote. Stay away.

Installation of the big blue system for Well point water.

Do not install a big blue system to treat your borehole or well point water.
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