Ants in Borehole Water

What to do with Ants in Borehole Water.

There are ants in borehole water.

Ants in Borehole Water

Ants in Borehole Water

What can I do about the ants in borehole water?

  • This is a common problem.
  • Every day people phone me regarding this problem.
  • It seems that the ants love the casing of the borehole.
  • They make their nest against the casing.
  • The owner of the borehole never thing about the ants, that could become a major health problem.

What to do with the ants in borehole water?

  • First you must get rid of the ants.
  • To get the ants out of the borehole is the next step.
  • The only solution to remove the ants is to pump that borehole until the ants is out.
  • People ask if the can through the chlorine tablets in the borehole to clean the water.
  • No, it would not help.
  • The borehole is may be a pond or a stream of water flowing underground.
  • If you through the chlorine tablet in the borehole.
  • The water will move it in the direction of the water flow.
  • It would be a total waste.
  • If the water is a pond or an opening between some rocks and the water do not flow.
  • In that case it would be of little use.

How to get rid of the ants around the borehole sleeve?Ants in Borehole Water

  • You would grab the ant poison to get rid of the ants.
  • No, it is very dangerous.
  • There is an environment friendly way to treat the ants.
  • Get flour that the woman uses to bake bread.
  • It is very fine and the ants will eat it but their bodies can’t absorb the flour.
  • They then die due to the fact that the flour doesn’t dissolve.
  • That way you don’t poisoned your borehole water and it is totally harmless if the flour gets in the water.
Preventative measures against ants in the borehole water.
  • Clean the area around the borehole often.
  • Get rid of the ants when spotted.
  • Use flour around the borehole.
  • Close any opening that can cause something from entering the borehole.
  • Snakes tend to move in holes and if there is an opening they will move in at the end of the summer.

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