Borehole Water and Health Facts

What are this Borehole Water and Health Facts all about?

  • We talk about the Borehole Water and Health Facts today.
  • We will show you what the dangers are of using untested borehole water.
  • People have the false feeling and believe that there is no better or purer water than fountain or borehole water.
  • It appears clean and pure because it comes from the earth.
  • You taste it and it is sweet.
  • This borehole water must be pure.
  • The best that you can get.


Borehole Water and Health Facts related to contamination.

  • You stand at the borehole and look down at it.
  • It is just a steel pipe that comes out of the ground.
  • The borehole pump pipe is in the borehole.
  • That is all that you can see.
  • By looking closer you notice some ants opening against the borehole steel pipe.
  • You don’t stress about it because it is just a few small ants.
  • The question that I want to ask you now is the following.
  • In what direction does the water flow in the borehole?
  • Where the water did comes from.
  • What path do you think did the water follow underground?
  • Did the water flow pass the town, through a township or even a grave yard?
  • Oh No!
  • Don’t say that.

Borehole Water and Health Facts about the flow of the water.

  1. Think for one moment about the Borehole Water and Health Facts regarding the areas and the places the water have flow through.

Water Flow Through a Township:

  • Is there a township about 20 kilometres from the borehole?
  • What do you think would happen if the water flows through the township?
  • Every shack has a long drop or better known as an outside toilet.
  • The waste from that toilet does not flow away as the stuff in towns.
  • No it flows into the ground.
  • There is small pipes of ground in the ground where the water can flow in.
  • This human waste flow through this pipes to a bigger water pipe.
  • The pipes underground is called “vain”.
  • You can be assured that if the water in your borehole flow through there township.
  • That water would be contaminated with all sorts of stuff.
  • Parasites and bacteria are included.