Borehole water legal requirements

Your Borehole water legal requirements.

Borehole water legal requirements compliance is a must.
You have a property with a borehole.
You use the borehole water for everyday use.
Somebody stay at your place for a few weeks.
The person experience health problems during the stay.
During a visit to the doctor the person is informed that liver failure is the cause.
The person was a healthy person for over 30 years.
Never visit a doctor.
His family gets involved and one scenario lead to the next.
One of the members suggests that it could be the water.
They ask you if you have ever test the water.
You never tested the water or lest say you have tested it ten years ago.
They ask for the report.
On that old report it indicated that the Chloroform and fecal coliforms was high.
They took a water sample for testing at an accredited water laboratory.
The test indicated that the results are ten times higher than it was during the first test.
They decide to take legal action.

What do you think will the outcome be?

Not in Your favor!

Don’t you think you have a legal obligation?

Borehole water legal requirements to water users.

The best you can do is to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption. All you have to do is to contact us. We will assist you. 

Don’t you think it is time to take to us?

Don’t think by just installing a “Big blue system” would do the thing or a reverse osmosis system.
The big blue system is a waste of money and would not solve anything.
The reverse osmosis system would not be effective if there is Chloroform or fecal coliforms present.
In this case the reverse osmosis system will only make it worse.
We can help!

All the banks are very serious about this to prevent any legal action against them.

Borehole water legal requirements