Sodium in borehole water

Sodium mg/L

Is there Sodium in borehole water?

Yes, you would find sodium in borehole water.

What is sodium in borehole water?

Sodium in borehole water is a highly soluble chemical element.  The Sodium symbol is, “Na.” Sodium in borehole water is naturally found in groundwater. In borehole water that have sodium has no smell but it can be tasted by some people. You will be able to taste sodium at a concentrations of 200 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or more.

 What are the health concerns of sodium in water?

Sodium is a chemical in bodily fluids; it is not harmful at normal levels of intake from combined food and drinking water sources. Increased intake of sodium in water may be problematic for people with the following conditions; hypertension, heart disease or kidney and liver problems. This requires them to follow a low sodium diet.


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