Cape Town Well points

Cape Town Well points advice.

We can advise you on your Cape Town well points.
People believe that the moment they have a well point that their water problems has ended.
That is not the case.
There are things that people never think about and that are the water quality.
They want the well point or borehole at all cost.
Then the next thing is how much water the well point gives.
Let’s say a 1000 liter an hour.
The problem most of the time is that the water quality is bad.
The water is salty or smells bad.

Cape Town Well points water quality.

The well point water in Cape Town is of a low quality.
Most of the time you need some type of water treatment system.
You will notice that I did not use the wording water filtration system.
The water must be treated and not filtered.
No filter system would work with the well point water.
The only one that I recommend is the reverse osmosis system and then it must comply with certain conditions.

Cape Town Well point usage.

If you have a well point in Cape Town you can use it.
We advise you to make full use of the well point.
Some people think that they can only use it for the garden.
No, you can use it for household purposes, like the toilets, bath and even for drinking.
The best water in the Western Cape is in Constantia.
In some areas the water is salty or have iron and manganese present.
All these elements can be treated effectively.


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