Emergency water supply

I need emergency water supply for my household.

Looking for emergency water supply unit.

emergency water supply

Water shortage image

  • If you are looking for emergency water supply you don’t need to look any further.
  • We assist people with emergency water by the following.
  • We install a 5 000 liter water tank with a pressure pump.
  • The tank is placed on the ground and the pressure pump; pump the water with a water pressure of 3 bar.
  • When the water supply is been cut or your neighbor wood is without water.
  • You will still have water for a few days.
  • The system that we install is convenient.
  • The system operates automatically.
  • You don’t even quotes that the water is been cut.

We don’t have any tap water and need emergency water supply now.

  • If you need emergency water now you are in for a surprise.
  • If you want to buy water at a price then pay the price.
  • Don’t you think it is about time to do something about this unpredictable service delivery?
  • You never know what surprise will hide you next.
  • That is why we provide water tanks and pumps for the day you want same water.
  • We supply and install the emergency units.
  • Next time when you experience water cut even for an hour.
  • Think about the service we provide.
  • All you have to do is to give us a call.

What must I do if I want to have my own emergency water supply?

  • To have your own emergency water supply unit.
  • You only have to contact us.
  • We will visit your premises and inspect the place.
  • What we want to see is where the emergency water unit must be installed.
  • If there is electricity and the water connections is critical.
  • When we have asses the lay out, we will then provide you with a quotation.
What is the price for an emergency water supply unit?
  • What happened in the market today is the businesses ask ridiculous prices for the emergency units.
  • The other day in Elardus Park a client contact us.
  • We visit the premises and give the client a quote.
  • Our price was under R20 000.00.
  • I ask the client if they receive other quotes.
  • The reply was, yes. They show me the quotes.
  • The lowest quote was R72 000.00.
  • The people that send the quotes didn’t even visit the premises to see what the lay out is.
  • They rip the people off.

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