Explore Borehole Water

South African people start to explore borehole water.

In South Africa the public have no faith in the government to supply them with clean, safe and constant tap water. In some neighborhoods the people complaint that the municipality do not provide water to them. Yes it is old existing suburbs that have this problem. The reason for that water disruption is that some elements in society do not like to be responsible and pay for what they get. They would rather steal water and electricity. If the municipality wants to fine the bad elements then they burn everything they can lay their hands on.

 Explore borehole water usage.

The borehole water is an option but you don’t know where this borehole water comes from. Did it flow through a squatter camp with pit toilets? These same pit toilets contaminated the ground water. That is why you must be very careful when you drink borehole water. You will be shocked if you can see what is really in the borehole water. The treated tap water that some municipalities provide is worse than borehole water. We call electricity cuts, “load shedding”. What will we call water cuts, “water shedding”.

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