Pretoria Water Cuts

  • Pretoria water cuts are the norm today.
  • The ruling parties moto is “take as much as you can”.
  • Do as little as you can.
  • Be corrupt as you can.
  • Never admit anything.

We experience Pretoria water cuts a few times.

  • I thought that I would never experience water cuts in Pretoria during my lifetime.
  • I was wrong with that believe.
  • I remember the old days that when there was a water cut we were informed two weeks in advance.
  • Today the water just stops flowing and then you must wait tile the water start flowing again.
  • One moment you use the water the next moment there is none.
  • It is at that moment that you realize that you have experienced one of the many water cuts.
  • This is not a very pleasant experience.


What are the causes of this regular Pretoria water cuts?

  • Any employee that works for government will inform you that the experience a so called “Challenge”.
  • I hate that work been used by people that do not want to take responsibility and admit that they have a problem.
  • “Challenge” sounds better on the ear. Maybe some cultures don’t have the word problem in their vocabulary.

The facts of Pretoria water cuts are:

  • Lack of planning.
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Lack of managing people and resources.
  • Lack of work ethics.
  • Lack of responsibility.
  • Lack of upgrading.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Don’t care about the public because they are the ruling party’s elite.
  • They think that the public must serve them and that they are just there to collect their salaries for doing nothing.
  • Then the most important is, “It is Apartheid’s fault” the plant or facility last only for 20 years. They could have made it to last a hundred years.
Advice for Pretoria water cuts alternatives.
  1. Contact us to advice you on what to do.
  2. Get a 5000 lt water tank.
  3. A booster pump.
  4. Non-return valve, to prevent water from flowing back into the municipality line.
Our Pretoria water cuts slogan is:
Pretoria water cuts

Glass with water during a Pretoria water cuts.

Beat the Pretoria water cuts by getting a fire pool; “Number one” have one.

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