Salt in well point water

Why is there salt in my well point water?

I recently installed a well point on my property in Parklands.
The person that drilled ensure me that we would get water.
Big was my surprise when we found water.
The water was a strong stream that flow out when the drill people drilled and even tested the strength of the borehole.
I was so pleased that we found water.
What the drill people didn’t inform me is that most of the well points in our area have salt in.
When it tastes the water it was if I took sea water.
That was when I realize with a shock that the well point water would not be usable for anything.
Not even gardening.

Testing the well point water.

I download the water testing form from the website
Print it and marked all the elements on the form.
I took a 2 liter of water from the well point to the water testing laboratory at Strand.
The name of the laboratory is Bemlab.
Seven days later I received the report.
I couldn’t believe it.
The water was of a low quality due to the high content of Sodium, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.
All the money wasted for a borehole with water that I can’t even use.

Removing salt from well point water.

The only solution is desalination.
That is expensive and for industrial use, not for domestic use.
There is a person that is busy with a patent and the results looks good for the removal of Sodium and chloride from well point water.
Test results from the laboratory indicated that the sodium and chloride readings were lower.



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