Water Dangers

Is there any water dangers when you make use of borehole water?

When is the best time to test the borehole water?

Water Dangers

Importance of borehole water filtration and the Water Dangers

  • Yesterday was the best day but today right now is just as good.
  • Be aware of borehole water dangers.
  • We are talking about a very important element that we can’t live without.
  • Water is the source of live.
  • Without it nothing can exist.
  • Contact the water laboratory and here where they are located and take the borehole water sample to them.
  • What I suggest is to log into www.servicerating.co.za and type in “waterlab”.
  • The website will guide you to the premises where they are located.
  • You can even phone them by just click on the business phone number and the website will put you through to them.

How can we minimize the borehole water dangers?

  • First by testing the borehole water.
  • No not with the home testing strips.
  • We are talking about a proper laboratory test.
  • This test report is a very important tool to establish what the best option is to make sure the borehole water is saves for human and animal consumption.

We will also talk about borehole water contamination and pollution.

  • Borehole water dangers involve contamination and pollution of the underground water.
  • Water that is supposed to be of a high quality.
  • The problem is that the present government is responsible for our underground water situation.
  • There is law in place that prevent the contamination and pollution of any type of water source.
  • If we look to the situations at municipalities sewerage treatment plants.
  • Raw sewerage that flow directly into rivers and dams.
  • The question what action do the ANC government take.
  • Nothing because it is their comrades that is the culprits.
  • Why did the government take those individuals to book?
  • They are employees and work for a salary.
  • The question that pay their salaries?
  • The tax payers.
  • The problem is the government employees think they are gods of Africa and they can do whatever they want.
  • All this ANC government can do is to talk and do nothing.
  • Destroy and pollute this wonderful land.
  • To implement the so called “Blue Drop Status”. I think it is more the “Brown Drop Status” or better said the “Sewerage Pollution Status”.