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Borehole Water - What this website is about?

  • This website is all about borehole water usage, dangers, testing and filtration systems.
  • To use a borehole without the knowledge about the quality of the water is like giving a loaded gun to a child to play with.
  • This could be dangerous.

What about boreholes?

  • What do you really know about wells and the water from those wells?
  • Do you assume or do you know the real facts.
  • I bet you that you assume that the water is of the highest quality.
  • If you do not have the facts then you assume and that can cost you or a member of your family’s health.

Borehole water source.

  • Do you know where the borehole water comes from?
  • What is the catchment area of the well?
  • What is the route the water flow underground?
  • Did the borehole water flow through a squatter settlement?
  • Does it flow underneath a French drain?
  • What is the distance from the drain to the borehole?
  • Are the drain pipes in the town in a good order?
  • Is the drain pipes damaged?
  • What is the ground formation through which the borehole flow?

Borehole water filtration advice.

  • On this website you will find advice about the different water systems for borehole water.
  • Not all water filtration systems are suitable for borehole water.
  • Like for instance the big blue system.
  • Every sales person would advise you that the big blue system is the one.
  • Everybody buys them.
  • In actual fact, the big blue system is totally ineffective.
  • I can prove my statement.

Information about well water test results.

  • When you have tested your water.
  • The water test report is not user friendly.
  • What we provide is as follows.
  • You take your water test report and look up every item on the website.


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Borehole water website