Borehole Water Filtration

Borehole water filtration is important when you make use of any borehole water.


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What is this borehole water filtration about?

  • It discusses the importance of a borehole water filtration system when you make use of borehole water.
  • People have the impression that borehole or fountain water is the best you can get.
  • That was a fact, a hundred years ago.
  • Today it is a totally different story.
  • With all the pollution that is taken place all around us.
  • It is no wonder that the people’s health is in such a state.
  • All the pollution and contamination that takes place.
  • Squatter camps are on the increase.
  • Today there is no shack and two days later there is twenty shacks and then the government don’t bother to remove them.
  • They will help the ruling party to win the election in that region.

When do you need a borehole water filtration system?

  • It doesn’t matter where you are staying in South Africa.
  • Don’t think that your borehole water is safe.
  • Did you ever thought about, testing the borehole water.
  • It would be wise to test it just to be on the safe side.

Where do you install the borehole water filtration system?

  • We install the borehole water filtration system between the borehole and the house water inlet.
  • If the water quality is dangerous.
  • We would take all aspects into consideration.
  • We also take the animals into consideration.

Why the animals?

  • They are also affected by stuff that is harmful to humans.
  • If you just cater for the humans and not the animals then you will suffer losses due to low growth rate and infections that the animals have.
  • All this aspects play a very important role.

Why is it important to get a borehole water filtration system?

  • If I may ask you. Do you know from what direction the borehole water flow to your borehole?
  • Did it flow past a township?
  • Did it flow past a cemetery or an industrial area?
  • Is the borehole feeding from the overflow of the sewerage treatment plant?
  • That one that is falling apart.
  • What is the distance it flows to your borehole?

How do the borehole water filtration system installation?

  • We do the installations to make sure that it is the best possible solution to the problem.
  • We use only the highest quality products and material that we can get.
  • Every product that we use is been tested to be sure that it do what it is supposed to do.

How will the borehole water filtration system solve our borehole water situation?

  • The borehole water filtration system will solve the identified issues that were identified during the water test.
  • This water tests must be conducted by an independent certified laboratory.
  • It is your health that we working with and we want to ensure that you get the best we can provide.
  • If you are interested in getting a borehole water filtration system for your borehole.
  • Read more on South Africa Borehole Water Quality.
  • All you have to do is to contact us on 082 269 0210 or send an Email to
  • Do you have a 5 stage reverse osmosis system?

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