Borehole Water Filters

  • We talk about borehole water filters and the dangers.
  • Do you have a borehole?


Before you think about borehole water filters, talk to us. Water filters is most of the timed not the solution.

What is the difference of borehole water filters?

  • There are different types of water filters for nearly any application.
  • There is one borehole water filter that we would strongly recommend.
  • It is not an imported water filter.
  • No it is a local water filter.
  • We have done numerous studies and tests with the different types of water filters.
  • At the end this local water filters stood the test of time.
  • It was the most effective in comparison with the imported product.

Who can assist me with my borehole water filters?

  • We at Borehole water can assist and help you.
  • We will test the water and look to what we can find in the borehole water.
  • Like any live organisms.
  • This would give us also a clear indication if the water was in any contact with human waste.
  • Borehole water can be fine the one moment and the next it can be deadly due to contamination in the underground water catchment area.

Where can I get the correct borehole water filters?

  • You will only get the Bio Activated carbon water filter from the Borehole Water people.
  • All you have to do is to contact them or send an email by providing the information or even a question at the bottom at the page.

 Correct borehole water filters?

  • We have learned a lot during the time that we did the tests and experimentation with the different types of filters.
  • At first we was under the impression that the imported water filters that every supplier of water systems boost about.
  • Our view of water filter quality had changed in a flash.
  • We were totally shocked about the standard of the water filters.

When would you say must we replace the borehole water filters?

  • The best time is when you notice the water taste different.
  • It is important that the borehole water filters is inspected on a regular basis.
  • Say every second month.
  • Anything could happen during that time.
  • What do you think happened when ants make a nest on the side of the borehole lining?

Which of the filters is the correct borehole water filters?

  • You wouldn’t notice the different types of water filters.
  • If they are on the shelf, you would look for the one that look like the one you want to replace.
  • But what is the quality of the filter?
  • We don’t sell the Bio Activated Carbon over the counter.
  • We deliver and install the borehole water filters ourselves.
  • That is to ensure that the water system is functioning correct.
  • Give us a call.

Critical for borehole water.

  • There is two water systems that is critical when you make use of borehole water.
  • The first is a UV light to kill all live organisms.
  • The second is the 5 stage reverse osmosis system to remove all other stuff from the water source.
  • No other system than a 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • NO the Big Blue System!!!
  • Every boreholes water is different from the next one.
  • Only a water test from an accredited laboratory would indicate what action must be taken.
  • Download the "Borehole water test form" and get the water tested.
  • Contact or email us when you have your water test results.