Borehole Water Purifying System

Let's talk about the Borehole Water Purifying System.

I am looking for a borehole water purifying system.

  • Could you please advise me about the borehole water purifying system that I can get?
  • We stay on a farm and use borehole water.
  • My neighbor told me the other day that I must get the big blue system because it is the best for farm use.
  • We have tested the water and found that there is a high percentage of Coli-form bacteria in the borehole water.
  • If people visit us from the town they have diarrhea.
  • Could it be the borehole water?

Would the borehole water purifying system clean the water properly?

  • First if we look to the big blue system.
  • Don't get a "Big Blue System".
  • The big blue system would not get rid of any live organisms or bacteria from the water.
  • The big blue system is a filtration system.
  • It filters the water according the type of water filter that you have in the big blue system.
  • Most of the filters that you get are not really effective. In plain language.
  • The big white filter that is called Melt blown filter is only 60 % effective.
  • Say you have a 5 micron filter.
  • Then 60 % of this filter would prevent 5 micron and bigger particles from going through.
  • The 40% will let 5 micron and bigger particles through.
  • If you use a 1 micron filter the live organisms and bacteria will still go through.

Please talk to us before you buy any product.

  • Secondly we talk about the reverse osmosis system.
  • This is an excellent purifying system.
  • It is for household purposes only.
  • It purifies small amounts of water per day.
  • You get a 50 or 100 gallons per day membranes.
  • The amount of water that you get a day depends on the type of reverse osmosis membranes you have.
  • The water from the reverse osmosis system is purified and for human consumption.

Why is it important to get a borehole water purifying system?

  • The water that you drink will be absorbed by your body.
  • If there are any heavy metals in the borehole water it can cause health problems over a period.
  • If there is some minerals in the borehole water that cause health problems you are in for a big surprise.
  • If there are live organisms, bacteria and worms in the borehole present you have another type of problem.
  • All of the mentioned issues have a health risk.
  • Is it worth playing with your health?

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification systems. Borehole Water Purifying System for Your Needs.


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