Guesthouse borehole water

Our guesthouse borehole water is safe to drink.


Guesthouse borehole water for human consumption is a serious subject. You have a legal responsibility towards your clients that you must know about. Talk to us!

Is the Guesthouse borehole water safe to drink?

  • Yes, we have tested the borehole water at a laboratory.
  • The water test report indicated that it is suitable for human consumption.
  • We have installed a borehole water filtration system to ensure that the water is of a high quality.
  • We use the water for years and have experienced no health effects or anything that we know.
  • Our employees also use the water and they are fine as well.
  • One of our employees that worked for us for four years have been retired due to his health.
  • The employee has experienced kidney failure.
  • You will never mention this employee or his health effects.
  • Could it be that there is an element in the water that could lead to his kidney failure?
  • There are elements in the water that could lead to kidney and liver failure. Not to mention cancer.

Guesthouse borehole water filters system.

  • The local agriculture hardware store sells a few different types of water systems.
  • The one salesperson how knows a lot about the water systems advise us to get this water filtration system.
  • The system is called the “big blue system”.
  • He informed us that it is the best system for borehole water usage.
  • We also have a small reverse osmosis system in the main house.

The “big blue system”.

  • The “big blue system” is totally ineffective for borehole water filtration.
  • You could have use only one filter to prevent dirt from going through.
  • That is all it would help for.
  • The salesperson’s advice people to use two carbon filters as well.
  • To do what?
  • Waste of money.

Guesthouse borehole water system.

Hard water.

  • You need a water softener system.
  • That is when the soap doesn’t want to make foam.

Drinking water.

  • You only need a 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • The system removes most of the stuff from the water.
  • Most of the time the reverse osmosis system have a 50 Gpd membrane.
  • That means the system can provide you with about 189 liters of purified water a day.
  • If you need more purified water.
  • Get a 100 Gpd membrane.
  • That will give about 378 liters per day.

Normal used water.

  • It is strongly advised that you get a UV light system.
  • It depends on the volume of water your system can provide an hour.
  • You must get a UV light system that would be able to manage the volume of water per hour.
  • The UV light system kills all living organisms that may be present in the water.

Guesthouse borehole water experience.

  • Your immune system have adapted to the organisms and stuff that may be present in the water.
  • You clients immune system did not.
  • They can experience diarrhea or even vomiting and cramps.
  • When a client experience any health related issues they would never visit the guesthouse again.
  • They would also inform their friends about their experience.
  • Not good for business!
  • Rather invest in the correct water purifying systems.

Well water.

  • The same applied to well water when it comes to water.
  • Well water sometimes have more carbon and plant matter in.

Well water.

  • The same applied to well water when it comes to water.
  • Well water sometimes has more carbon and plant matter in.


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