Reverse Osmosis System

Get your borehole water tested today and get the Reverse Osmosis System with the correct filters!


Importance of the Reverse Osmosis System with Borehole water.

  • Get the Reverse Osmosis System installed as soon as possible.
  • Why?
  • If you know what we found in the borehole water when we do the yearly reverse osmosis services.
  • When clients phone us with borehole water questions.
  • We first ask if they have done a water test at a lab.
  • Next we want to take a water sample from the borehole water tank.
  • Why we ask to get a water sample from the water tank is to establish what live organisms is in the water.
  • Just to give you some information.
  • Visit and search for “Paardefontein or Derdepoort” suburb.
  • Look to the video clip and decide for yourself.
  • There are people that market the reverse osmosis systems to farm owners by using fraudulent practices.
  • Please stay away from them.
  • They sell the cheap low quality products.
  • Usually the people work for businesses.
  • Stay away from this businesses and expose them.
  • It is of no use to just get a reverse osmosis system installed on your borehole water supply.
  • There are a few things that we first must look to.
  • By just installing the reverse osmosis system you could pay at the end of the day a lot more than you have bargain for.
  • The Reverse Osmosis System is the only device that will purify your tap water to pure drinking water of a high quality.
  • We are talking about the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • Most of the times we must first look to the water quality and the type of minerals that is present.
  • Before you get any water filtration or purification system for your borehole water.
  • Talk to us.

The Reverse Osmosis System and your borehole water.

  • The Reverse Osmosis System looks like a plain simple system that is been installed.
  • This small device is the best thing you can have when it comes to your health.
  • Borehole water is not been treated as the water in town.
  • As you already know.
  • Our human body is more water than anything else.
  • That is why water is the most important component that your body needs.
  • We must see to it that we get clean water.
  • That is why it is of the utmost importance that you get the best quality water for optimal health.
  • Reverse osmosis systems removes everything from the water source.
  • Yes all the chemicals and minerals.
  • You will get people that will say that you need minerals for a healthy body.
  • Minerals that is been removed by the system is what your body needs.
  • Bull!
  • They do not know what they are talking about.
  • They just say what someone else has told them.
  • Never have done any study on the subject to talk as a person that knows what they talking about.
  • Tell them Henry Collins say that!
  • We get our minerals from fruit and vegetables that we eat not from the water.
  • Trees get it from water.

Borehole water versus Reverse Osmosis System Water.

  • Borehole water is not been treated. Where do you think that water that comes from the borehole comes from?
  • From what direction?
  • How many kilometers did it flow underground?
  • Did it flow pass a mine that polluted the groundwater?
  • Did the water flow past a settlement where every shack has a long drop?
  • Did this borehole water flow through a settlement and through that toilet disposable area?
  • Did the water flow through any radioactive area that would cause the borehole water to be radioactive?
  • Yes there is an area in South Africa where borehole water is radioactive.
  • What is the distance of your French drain from your borehole?
  • Even 600 meters will result live parasites in your borehole water.
  • Not that nice!
  • Does the borehole water sell?
  • Is there a snake or rat in the borehole?
  • Is the water tank properly closed?
  • Is there a dead bird or rat in the water tank?
  • All this factors play a very important role in high quality water.
  • Talk to us.


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