Dangers of borehole water

The dangers of borehole water.

What are the dangers of borehole water?

  • The dangers of borehole water are bigger than most people think.
  • When people talk about their view about borehole water and that include fountain water.
  • Their view is the view they have about borehole water of forty years ago.
  • During that time there was not a squatter settlement around every town.
  • They will tell you that their borehole water is clean and pure.

Where does the borehole water flow from?

  • You have a borehole.
  • You don’t know from what direction and from where the water comes.
  • Did it flow through a squatter settlement where every shack has a toilet?
  • Where do you think that fluid that is been discharged in the toilet flow to?
  • It flows into the ground and into the water veins that feed the borehole.
  • That doesn’t sound right.
  • That is the fact about borehole water.

Is the borehole water contaminated?

  • Yes most of the boreholes are contaminated.
  • Some borehole water is radioactive.
  • Others are contaminated with E.coli or other harmful bacteria.
  • We haven’t mentioned the different minerals that could be present in the water.
  • Some of the minerals cause kidney or other body organs failure.

Dangers in the water tank.

Storing borehole water.

  • Using borehole water that is contaminated with bacteria can cause serious problems.
  • The tank stands in the sun and the water gets warm during the summer months.
  • This warm water is the ideal environment for the bacteria to multiply.
  • When driving around we see different types of water tanks.
  • There are even the old asbestos tanks.
  • This type of tank is the biggest health hazard that you have on the property.
  • It is advisable to get rid of the tank as soon as possible.
  • Borehole water contamination is a big problem.

Testing of borehole water.

  • It is advised that you test your borehole water to be able what is present in the water.
  • Test for bacteria is a big priority.
  • Take a water sample to your nearest water testing laboratory.
  • Please do not take it to the local water shop to test.
  • They do not have the equipment to do proper tests.

Solution for borehole water.

  • If you have a problem with your borehole water.
  • The best you can do is to fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Please give us a description of what the problem is.
  • We also want to know where the borehole is located.
  • Town, province not at the house or dam that would be of no help.

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