Water polluters


Who are the water polluters?

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Let’s look and see who the real water polluters are.

  • My money is on the ANC government.
  • They are the once that must take responsibility of the water issues.
  • What do they really do?
  • Nothing!
  • When there is water pollution at some place.
  • They just run to the media and start blaming but never, never ever take responsibility.
  • Responsibility is a swear word for them.


Water pollution.

Who is responsible for water pollution?

  • The biggest culprit is the ANC government.
  • Yes they are.
  • They would never take responsibility for their actions.
  • They will always blame the Apartheid regime for their acts.
  • They would never use the word “Problem” they would use the word “challenge”.
  • That sounds not that bad on the ear.
  • A challenge is something you can live with.
  • A problem is something totally difference.
  • Let’s call the ANC, “problem”.


  • On this page I’m going to link all the news articles that are related to water pollution.
  • Let’s look and see if we can find some other persons or businesses that are reasonable for water pollution.


Sewerage pollution.

  • There is only one culprit when it involves sewerage pollution.
  • That is the ANC government!
  • Not the government!
  • The ANC is the ruling party and they are the once that must take responsibility.
  • If they say they are not, then they must show us who is.
  • They must show us what action was taken.
  • Was one government employee convicted  for water pollution according to the law.
  • They must make sure they enforce the law.
  • The problem it is their buddies that violate the law.
  • Off what use is all the laws when the ANC officials violate the laws.
  • Take them to book.
  • They have a responsibility towards the people of South Africa.
  • they are not gods.
  • The are state employees.
  • working for the people of South Africa.

Public Works denies polluting Hartbeespoort Dam

Water department taken to task over R1.7bn irregular expenditure.

Nomvula defies Treasury.

Nomvula ‘misled’ Zuma.

‘Watergate’: Noose tightens around Nomvula Mokonyane.

 ‘Government’s water tankers’ aren’t really theirs.

A R73m water war.

Standerton sewage flowing into Vaal.

Sewage siege in Scottsville.

Sewage floods houses.

Pretoria sewage leak fixed after 5 days.

Desperate residents 'drinking sewage water' as taps run dry.

Sewage risk from possible blackout.



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