Aluminium in Borehole Water

Aluminium μg/L



≤ 300

150 and Above. Get the 5 stage reverse osmosis system and advice.

Health effect of Aluminium in Borehole Water .

  • Alzheimer’s diseases is the most prominent health condition of Aluminium.
  • Aluminum accumulates in the brain, lungs, kidneys,  liver and thyroid.
  • Aluminum competes with calcium for absorption and can affect skeletal mineralization.
  • The effect on infants is slow growth.
  • Tests on animal models linked aluminum exposure to mental impairments.
  • The body does not need aluminum.

Is Aluminium in Borehole Water Harmful?

  • Aluminum target is your central nervous system.
  • Studies on the effects of aluminum have indicated that it contribute to brain diseases.
  • Aluminum is a toxic heavy metal.
  • Aluminum is one of the worst offenders of health risks.

Aluminium in Borehole Water is Bad for Your Brain.

Side effects of Aluminium in Borehole Water.

  • Severe stomach pain.
  • Bloody stools.
  • Black and tarry stools.
  • Coughing up blood that looks brown.
  • Pain during urination.
  • Extreme drowsiness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Cramps and muscle weakness and pain.
  • Constipation.
  • Loss of memory.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Liver failure.

Symptoms of Aluminium in Borehole Water poisoning.

Symptoms of Aluminium poisoning.

  • Early known symptoms of aluminium toxicities includes colic, flatulence, headaches, tendencies for colds, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, burning pain in the head that is been relieved by food, heartburn and an resistance to meat.
  • Progressed symptoms are paralytic muscular conditions, mental confusion and loss of memory.


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Health effects of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals and also one of the most frequently found compounds in the earth's crust. Due to these facts, aluminum is commonly known as an innocent compound. But still, when one is exposed to high concentrations, it can cause health problems. The water-soluble form of aluminum causes the harmful effects, these particles are called ions. They are usually found in a solution of aluminum in combination with other ions, for instance as aluminum chlorine.

The uptake of aluminum can take place through food, through breathing and by skin contact. Long lasting uptakes of significant concentrations of aluminum can lead to serious health effects, such as:

- Damage to the central nervous system
- Dementia
- Loss of memory
- Listlessness
- Severe trembling

Aluminum is a risk in certain working environments, such as mines, where it can be found in water. People that work in factories where aluminum is applied during production processes may endure lung problems when they breathe in aluminum dust. Aluminum can cause problems for kidney patients when it enters the body during kidney dialyses.

Inhalation of finely divided aluminum and aluminum oxide powder has been reported as a cause of pulmonary fibrosis and lung damage. This effect, know as Shaver’s Disease, is complicated by the presence in the inhaled air of silica and oxides of iron. May also be implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.

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