Let's talk about borehole water.

Borehole or groundwater is water that is been pumped from the ground.
This water is not treated as the water from the municipality.
The water quality can range from good to poor.
It is the responsibility of the borehole owner to get the water tested at a laboratory.
If people use the groundwater and the owner did not have any proof about the quality of the water it can cause financial problems later.
The groundwater must be tested at least once a year if you have attendance that makes use of the groundwater.
If a tenant gets ill or experience any health issues they can take you to court.
You will then be required to provide any water analysis that you did on a regular basis.
Get in contact with us before you do anything regarding your borehole water.


About Groundwater.

You stay on a farm or smallholding and make use of groundwater.
Yes there are people that stay in the cities that starts to look to using borehole water are place of municipality water.
The municipality take the responsibility to ensure that the water comply with the SABS standards.
The same responsibility is been required from you.
Do you comply?

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Borehole Water

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