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About borehole water.

You stay on a farm or smallholding and make use of borehole water.
Yes there are people that stay in the cities that starts to look to using borehole water are place of municipality water.

Farm and smallholding borehole water.

You don’t have another option, but to make use of the borehole water.
You are used to it and don’t consume city tap water due to the strange taste.
I want to caution you that borehole water is not what it was say 20 years ago.
The reason I say that is the fact that more and more of our borehole water become contaminated.
That is a fact if you read the news.
Radioactive and E.coli is only two that I mentioned.
Get your borehole tested at least two times a year.
It is for your own health.
Talk to us we have arrange a better price with the laboratories we work with.

Municipality borehole water users.

I know that you experience constant water cuts due to the non payers that wants everything for free.
Now it is your problem.
They don’t care.
Let we look to the scenario of using the borehole water.
First the municipality will notice that you don’t make use of the treated water that they supply.
The next thing they are going to do is to give you a visit.
They will then find out that you use the borehole water.
What they then going to do is to fit the borehole with a meter.
They are going to charge you the same price for the water that you use as if you would have used their water.
Now that would become a very expensive project.
The other thing is you don’t know from what direction the water flow.
Did it flow pass a squatter camp or an industrial area.
You must test the borehole water for any dangerous stuff.
Then you need to get a purifying system. If you stay in an area that has “turf” you have another problem.
Sewerage pipes leak into the underground water.
That could be your borehole water.
Talk to us before you start with something.

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