Let's talk about Borehole Water Quality.

Borehole Water Quality Advice.

Knowing the borehole water quality is of the utmost importance.
Every glass of water that you drink is been absorb by the body.
If there is any harmful element or bacteria in the water.
The body will absorb that harmful stuff.
This stuff can stay in the body for months and even years.
It will stay undetected.
The moment you become aware that you have the harmful element or bacteria.
It is most of the time too late for treatment.
The damage is already done.
Let’s say your daughter have due to the water a lifelong illness.


What is the Borehole Water Quality?

 Borehole Water Quality is not that good as most people would like to believe.
To be honest it is not that wonderful as most people would like to think it is.
A hundred or even thirty years ago our borehole water quality was of a high quality.
Today it is a totally different scenario.
It is from contaminated to health causing to deadly.
It can’t be.
I was told that the borehole water of the best you can get.
I believed it all the time.
You now tell me that it is not the case. Yes!


Borehole Water Quality deterioration.

Let we look to it this way.
The borehole water flow underground.
Do you agree?
If you through let’s say oil into a hole where do you think that oil flow to?
Downwards, don’t you think?
You have a drain that is not built according to the standard.
The sewerage from this drain flow down the ground.
In what direction do you think that water flow?
What do you think is below the ground level?
The borehole water supply.
But let’s say the borehole water flow pass or through a settlement.
Every shack has its own pit toilet.
It is just a hole in the ground with some stuff on top of it to support the person how use the pit toilet.
Where do you think that stuff flow to?
What about the rainy season.
This hole gets filled with water.
This water must flow downwards.
Into your borehole water supply.
Do you think that your borehole water quality could be that good?

What causes pollution of the Borehole Water Quality?

This water contamination comes from the settlements, municipality sewerage treatment plants and the industries.
They make a big fuss about the farmers that use fertilizers and that the fertilizers contaminate the water.
They rather make the farmers the culprits and look away from the settlements that are the biggest polluters of our groundwater.
The ANC government don’t want the focus on the real problem but rather on a small problem that is caused by the white farmers.


Who is responsible for the groundwater deterioration?

I would say that the ANC government is responsible for the underground water pollution.
If you read the news you will notice that some municipality’s sewerage treatment plants are out of order.
Then there is the qualified person who must be in charge of the treatment plants.
No they would appoint a person in the position just to have a person there.
It doesn’t matter if they can do the job or not.
What “a good story to tell”.

Improve the groundwater quality?

The best you can do is to get the borehole water quality tested.
Then from that information you can get the water filtration or purification system that would suit your needs.
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