What are the borehole water dangers?

Earth elements that could be above the limit.
Contaminants like chemicals from industries.
Nitrates and chlorides that is above the limits.
Bacteria that have lifelong health implications.

Does groundwater have health implications?

Yes it has.
It all depends on the quality of the water source.
The catchment area of the groundwater plays a very important role.
Is it polluted or not?

Groundwater advice.

You use borehole or well point water.
That is ground water and not treated as municipality water.
If you want to treat the water yourself be advised that you playing with your health.
Water is not something you can take lightly.
Every drop of water that you drink is absorbed by the body.
The best advice is to talk to the people who specialize in that field.
Contact me and I will assist.


Let's talk about borehole water dangers.

We are going to discuss topics relating to borehole water dangers.
Most people have boreholes on their properties.
Some use it just for irrigation purposes.
Other uses the borehole water for daily use.
That is for the animals, for human consumption and more.
They used the borehole water now for a few years.
They have never not even once, thought about testing the borehole water.
The water taste wonderful and you say that this is the purist water that a person would get.

What do you think is borehole water dangers?


What could be in the borehole water that could be harmful to me?
I have used it for years and I’m still fine.
The aging is just claiming its toll.
That is the only health problems that I experienced.
I have some kidney problems but that runs in the family.
My parents and their parents stay on this property for generations.
They drink this water and it is the same as during their time.

Know the borehole water dangers?


I feel that it is my duty to bring the borehole water dangers under the attention of any borehole water user.
You consume and use the borehole water all the time.
Did you ever think about testing the borehole water?
A proper treating at an independent certified laboratory.
What if there are some minerals that cause illnesses like say for instance kidney failure.

Where do the borehole water dangers come from?

You don’t know from where the borehole water flow.
For instance from what direction does the borehole water flow to the borehole?
Is it from the South or is it from the North, but it could be from the East.
You don’t know for sure.
What was the route that the borehole water flow before it arrives at the borehole?

Know your borehole danger.
What is your legal obligation towards borehole water users?