What are the borehole water dangers?

Earth elements that could be above the limit.
Contaminants like chemicals from industries.
Nitrates and chlorides that is above the limits.
Bacteria that have lifelong health implications.
Not knowing what is present in the water source.
Using the wrong water treatment systems and products.
Take advice from people that do not have any experience in the treatment of groundwater.
Buying water treatment products or take advice from the local water shop or irrigation store.
You are responsible for the quality of the groundwater that you use or provide.
The water shop or irrigation store salesman would not take any responsibility if legal action is instituted.
You will stand alone with no foot to stand on.
You will at the end of the day pay the health related bills of the person that sue you.
The next thing is when you tested the groundwater because it is of no value if you have tested the groundwater a few years ago.
You need to test it at least once every year.

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Borehole Water Dangers

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