Is the borehole water safe to drink?

Safe Borehole water warning.

There is no such thing as safe borehole water.
Yes the water test results will indicate that the borehole water is safe for human consumption.
You believe it because you have proof.
That is no proof at all.
Proof is when the laboratory gives you a document that stated that they give you the guarantee that the water is safe for human consumption.
Not just at the time the water sample was taken.
They will never ever give you any document that they state that the water is safe for human consumption for a year or a time frame.
They know that the water quality can change at any moment.
The water could be safe for human consumption and five minutes to could be contaminated with E.coli or a chemical.
It can happen that you don’t even notice it.
Over time that substance that is in the water can then cause kidney or liver failure.
Not to mention cancer.
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 Drinking borehole water advice.

If you want to make sure that your borehole water is safe to drink, you have to invest in the correct water systems.
The people that drill the borehole and some salespeople would recommend the “Big blue system”.
Stay away from the big blue system!
The one specialize in drilling and the sales person specialize in selling any product.
Talk to the person that specializes in water purification.
Not the local water shop.
They know about the operation of their water purification system.
That is not good enough.
We are talking about your health not saving money.

Cost of safe consumable borehole water.

There are a few products that are especially designed to do specific functions.
It is important to get the correct product for the specific situation.
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Live organisms in borehole water.

The UV light is the best option.
It is effective and can manage large volumes of water.
It is important to get the correct size for the volume of water that would flow through the system.
Some people would say ozone.
I do not give any advice on ozone products.
The reason is that I have little faith in it.
Must still do some test to be sure that is effective in killing live organisms.
I once took some water samples from a water shop that sells ozonated water.
I found live roundworms and other organisms in the water.

Pure, clean drinking water.

The 5 stage reverse osmosis system is the best when it comes to purified water.
The reverse osmosis system removes most of the stuff from the water source.
I don’t say all because there could be some stuff that still go through.
If the system is not functioning correctly it becomes the same as a filtration system that removes just dirt and chlorine from the water.
Parasites, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and minerals will still be present in the water.
Never get any 4, 6, 7, 8 stages reverse osmosis system.
It is a waste of money.
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Is the Borehole Water Safe to drink?

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