There is sewage in our borehole water.

What to do with the sewage in the borehole water?

This is very, very serious!
You can’t treat the sewage that is in the borehole.
This is a very dangerous situation.
It involves your health.

Treatment of sewage in the borehole water?

Action to be taken with sewage in the borehole water.
Get the water tested at a laboratory.
Take a 2 liter water sample from running water.
Let the water run for about one minute and then take the sample.
Courier the water sample with the form to "Water Lab".
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Advice regarding sewage in the borehole?

First establish where the sewage comes from.
Start to rectify the source of the sewage contamination.
Don’t use the water for anything.
Not even for plants.

Can you help me with this sewage problem?

Yes, I will be able to help you solve this problem.
Steps to follow.
Contact me now on 082 269 0210.
You can even email me at
Don't delay do it now.
Tomorrow would be too late.
Im waiting for your call!
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French drain Sewage in our borehole water.

Sewage in our borehole water because of a faulty French drain.

The French drains works fine if it was built and finished the correct way.
A Large percentage of the land owners don’t even know how to build the French drain correctly.
If the French drain is not built and finished off correctly it could be ticking time bomb.
A French drain that is not to standard will definitely contaminate the groundwater.
The French drain is not the alpha and omega for drains on small holdings or farms.
Property owners that have French drain or any sort of drain has a moral obligation to the environment and the people that make use of borehole water for drinking purposes.

Dispose raw sewage in groundwater.

Sewage in groundwater is a big problem where there is a informal settlement near any borehole water users.
A settlement can be kilometers away from the borehole.
It could be even at a distance of ten to hundreds of kilometers.
If you visit an informal settlement you will notice that nearly every shack has a toilet.
This self-made toilets is just a hole in the ground that is covered with some steel sheets.
The inside of the hole is not even treated to prevent any fluids from flowing into the ground.
Human faeces just flow or filter into the ground and then lands up in the groundwater.
This groundwater pollution is the worst type of pollution to our underground water resources.
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What to do with the sewage in our borehole water?

Contact us to assist you with your our borehole water problem.
The presence of raw Sewage in borehole water is dangerous.
The raw sewage could have a live long health implication for you or your family.
No person could take this lightly.
This sewage problem is a big health hazard and few people know about it.
A young man informs me the other day that they use only borehole water and that it is clean.
He feels that the borehole water is better than the tap water supplied by the municipalities.
I informed him that it is not the case. I took him to my office where I had a borehole water sample.
I took a sample and put it under the microscope for him to see first-hand.
He was not impressed at what he saw and was shocked.

Solution for Sewage in our borehole water.

We could assist and help you get rid of the problem.
It is not as easy as it seems.
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Sewage in borehole water

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