I have termites in the borehole water.

Why are there termites in the borehole?

Termites in the borehole are a very common problem.
We find that every year during the rainy season clients complain about termites in their boreholes.
The clients complain about the smell of the water.
When they investigate they find dead termites.
Most of the time they see the dead termites in the water.
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Where do the termites in the borehole come from?

The termites in the borehole have their nest around the borehole sleeve.
The reason they make their nest around the sleeve is because, sometimes the borehole pipe leaks and the area is a little wet.
When the problem arises it is normally a termite nest that is more than one year old.
Most of the time the grass is long around the borehole and that is the ideal environment for termites and ants to make their nest there.
The rain water makes the ground soft and the nest collapse and fall into the water.

Treatment of the termites around the borehole.

This treatment is also applicable to ants.
You can’t use any poison near the borehole.
That poison can enter the borehole and contaminate the borehole.
You must treat the insects with natural products.
The best is to use flour.
Just sprinkle flour on the ground around the borehole.
The ants and termites digestion system can’t digest the flour.
The insects actually starve to death.
No poison and the insects in dead.
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Treatment of termites in the borehole.

This is applicable to ants as well.
All you can do is to pump the water as long as disposable until there are no more termites, ants or eggs visible.

Prevention of termites in the borehole.

Keep the area around the borehole clean.
It must be free from any vegetation.
When any insect activity is been noticed. Act without delay.

Assistance with borehole related problems.

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Termites in the Borehole Water

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