Warning about South Africa borehole water is a serious issue.

South Africa borehole water wake-up call.

This is a wake-up call with the warning called “South Africa borehole water Warning”.
When you use borehole water in South Africa is warned.
Borehole water in South Africa is not that safe for human and animal consumption.
Borehole water can be save now and a few minutes it can be deadly.
Yes that is how the borehole quality would be able to change.
The ANC government think and make the public to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any water in South Africa.
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Cholera in South Africa Borehole water.

A few years ago there was an outbreak of cholera in Mpumalanga.
The cholera outbreak was caused by borehole water that was contaminated.
You will ask “how is it possible”?
That is why borehole water can be so dangerous.
The water from the borehole can come from any direction.
It could flow through a sewage plant that let raw sewage flow into a dam or river.
This ANC Government do whatever they want.
If you are an employee of the government you can do anything.
Nobody will do anything against you even if you act against the laws.
The membership is all that matters.
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Where did you see a town council wants to get rid of their raw sewerage and then just get the machinery and digging a trench to the nearest river? Our dams and rivers are polluted to the extent that it would take decades to rectify the contamination. It took the government just 20 years to destroy the environment. What would happen if they stay in power for another 20 years? May God have mercy on this land?

South Africa borehole water action plan.

If you use borehole water follow these guidelines.
Get a reverse osmosis system with “Bio Activated Carbon Filters.”
It must be “Bio Activated Carbon filters”.
If you want some you can contact us.
The imported activated carbon filters is a waste of money.
It is not effective.

Treatment of groundwater.

Follow the steps if you experience any water related problems.
Contact us now!
Call 082 269 0210, I’m waiting for your call!
You can even email me at do@askit.co.za
Don’t delay.
How would I know about your problem if you don’t call.
Act now!
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Warning about South Africa borehole water

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