How does borehole water pollution affect me?
Is the borehole water safe to drink?
Borehole water that is polluted carries a health risk.
When the damage to your health is visible then it is too late to treat it.
Talk to us.
This is very serious.
We specialize in the treatment of groundwater.

Problems with borehole water pollution.

We have a smallholding and make use of borehole water.
We don’t have any water supply from the municipality.
That is why is important for us to solve this smelly borehole water.
What happened is that when we let water flow into the bath especially hot water we could smell the sewerage.
A few days later we start having diarrhoea.
Even our animals have shown some symptoms of illnesses.
Without clean water on the small holding. We would be ruined.
It is unthinkable to have a small holding with animals but without water.
If we can’t get the water problem solved we would have no other option but to buy water.

Is borehole water safe for washing and bath?

No it would not be suitable for any human use.
The first thing you must do is to test the water quality.
You must take a water sample from the borehole.
Then take it to an independent water laboratory.
Talk to them and explain your concerns about the water.
They would advise you what to test for and let them then do the test.
If you have the test results we would then assist you to solve the problem.
If any person wants to sell something to you before you have any test results from a certified laboratory.
That person has only one thing on his mind and that is not your best interest.
It is his interest to make money.

Borehole water pollution solution.

Yes we would be able to help you.
We will start with the drain and a water system that would be effective in removing any unwanted product.
The drain must be inspected to see if it complies with the standards for drains.
If the drain is not up to standard we would design and build a drain that would solve most of the pollution problem.

French drain advice.

If you need French drain that is be effective.
A French drain is not just a hole in the ground.
The French drain must be designed according the volume of water that is been used.

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