My Borehole water smell like sewage.

Sewage smell in borehole water.

Borehole water that smell is common in South Africa.
Your borehole water smell like sewage.
Sewage smells in borehole water is a bad experience when you must use the water for domestic purposes.
This is a major problem.
This could have a lifelong impact on your health.
There is a thing that must be done.

Causes of borehole water smell.

What to look for when your borehole water smell.

Start from a point to identify the cause of the problem!

1: Smell in the water tank:

Is the water tank open?
If it is open.
Strong wind sometimes blows the lid off.
Close the water tank.
But first inspect the inside of the water tank for anything that might have drowned.
Birds are the number one culprit, snakes and lizards are.
Then there is the big bird like the Hadedas that likes to sit on high places and the water tank is number one on their list.
They then discharge their faeces into your drinking water.

2: Smell in the borehole:

Is the borehole cover plate in place?
Are there any open places for an animal like a snake or lizard to get inside your borehole?
The smallest hole is an entrance for a snake to enter.
You must remember that when winter is on the doorstep the snakes looking for holes to stay the winter in.
They do not know that your borehole is deep and filled with water.
Snakes are the number one culprit in boreholes.
They have that nice smell when the starts to decompose in your borehole water.
The water is cold and the smell will be in the borehole water for a few weeks.

3: Number two in the boreholes is:

Ants and termites!
Yes that small thing that makes their nests where ever they feel.
They will make their nest on the outside of the borehole sleeve and it do not seems like a big problem to you.
But the problem is that you do not know how big the ant nest is and how deep it is underground.
Their nest break and their eggs fall into your borehole water.
You will not see it.
The eggs are them pumped into your water tank.
There the eggs start to decompose because the water tank stands in the sun.
Water gets hot and what more must I say.
Hot environment and bacteria.

4: Septic Tanks and French Drains:

The worst! Septic tanks or French drains.
But my septic tank is more than 500 meters from my borehole.
It is also about 30 meters lower than my borehole.
Yes from the borehole opening.
You borehole is 80 meters deep and the water level is 10 meters.
Do you really think the septic tank wastage would not enter the borehole water supply?

How does the smell get to the water?

It is just there.
No my friend it flows for hundreds if not thousands of kilometres underground.
That water flow underneath town’s suburbs, informal settlements with long drops and then, just before it pass your borehole makes a turn near the septic tank overflow.
Did you ever think about that?
If you have a place where your cattle stay at night.
That place is let’s said a 100 meters from your borehole.
Your borehole is 80 meters deep.
You can be sure that the cattle urine and faeces material will be present in your borehole water.
Know that for a fact.

5: Biggest risk of boreholes:

It is not the animals.
It is human waste that is the biggest risk.
The underground water that flow passes a squatter camp with their long drops.
This people come from any country and have different diseases.
They use medicine and discharge it into the toilets.
Not to talk about chemicals, poisons and other stuff.
This gets into the underground source that flow to your borehole.

6: Borehole water tests:

No laboratory will ever give you a certificate that states that they guaranty that your water is safe for human consumption.
Borehole water quality can change in seconds from clean healthy water to a deadly source.
Yes in seconds.

7:  Borehole water Smell Solution.

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Contamination by poorly maintained sewerage infrastructure.
Government wouldn’t take responsibility.