Questions about Johannesburg borehole water.

It is amazing to experience the interest of the residence of Johannesburg for borehole water.
The residence of Johannesburg is fed-up with the water disruptions.
They are investigating in ways to get around the constant water disruptions.
The best way to get around the water disruptions is to get your borehole water in order.
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Testing borehole water.

It is the best to get your borehole water tested.
This is very important to know the status of your borehole water.
When you have the water test results you will be able to act accordingly.

Water systems for Johannesburg borehole water.

There are only three options that you can use for your borehole water purification.
Water softener system if your water has high readings of calcium and magnesium and some other elements.
5 stage reverse osmosis system.
This system removes nearly all substances from that water source.
UV light system to kill all live organisms that may be present in the water source.
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Johannesburg borehole water systems.

The “Big blue system” is totally ineffective.
It does not add any benefits to the quality of the water.
Worms, parasites, bacteria and chemicals will still go through.
Stay away!
Do not waste your money.
If you want to prevent dirt from getting into the water tank.
The best filter for that is the “pleated filters”.
You can rinse it clean for about five times.
The “5 stage reverse osmosis system” is to purify the water that you drink.
The system removes about 99% of the stuff that is present in the water.
The best option for drinking water.
The “UV light systems” function is to kill all living organisms that may be present in the water.
The UV light can manage large volumes of water.
It is advised that the UV light is installed just after the pressure pump.
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