South Africa Boreholes

Let's discuss South Africa Boreholes.

Is South Africa Boreholes Water Safe?

  • Do you really think that your borehole water is safe for human consumption?
  • To consume borehole water without first get an independent water laboratory report.
  • The laboratory must test for anything that could be harmful for humans.
  • Never try to safe on a water test.
  • It could result in a death.
  • It could be a loved one.
  • How would you cope with the guilt?
  • Do not play with borehole water.
  • It could mean live or death.

Source of the borehole water:

  • Do you know anything about borehole water?
  • Do you know where it flows from?
  • No all you know is the information that you have collected from sayings.
  • Like that if water have flow over seven stones it is clean.
  • That was in place more than 2000 years.
  • You don’t live in the bible times.
  • What if I tell you that the borehole water could have flown pass seven human faeces places?
  • That is not so nice.
  • Fact is fact start thinking.
  • Don’t accept any misleading information people tell you.
  • The borehole water is not save for human consumption in some areas.

Flow of borehole water.

  • That water that you pump from your borehole has flow hundreds or thousands of kilometers underground.
  • You don’t know from where it flow and to where it flow.
  • It could flow pass or through the settlements with their long drop toilets.
  • Yes it is true.
  • What do you think that clean water contain?
  • Do you think it is clean free from any harmful chemical or deadly bacteria?
Bank responsibility.
  • Banks these days would not arranged any loan to buy a property if they are not in possession of a certified certificate that the water that’s been used by humans is suitable for human consumption.
  • If they do not have that certificate they will not proceed with the transaction.
  • That is to cover them from any law claims against them.
  • Why do you think they do that?
  • They know that the borehole water in South Africa is unsafe for human consumption.
  • If they are serious about the borehole water quality why are you not?


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