Testing Borehole Water

Testing Borehole Water for human consumption.

Testing Borehole Water Flow Rate.

  • Testing Borehole Water is the first ting a person must do the moment they have a borehole.
  • Yes, the first thing that comes to mind.
  • What is the amount of water the borehole delivers per hour?
  • The people that drill the borehole do the water flow rate for you as part of their work.
  • They are proud to give the good news about the high capacity water borehole that they drilled for you.
  • Job well done!
  • That is the way a person thinks.
  • You pump the water from the borehole and the 8’ inch stream for from the pipe.
  • What a site!
  • There is prosperity in the mind of the borehole water owner.
  • You use irrigation to let the plants grow.
  • This is life!

Waterlab (Pty) Ltd

Name: Waterlab (Pty) Ltd
Address: 23B De Havilland Cres, Persequor Techno Park, Pretoria
Phone:012 349 1044



Name:: Aquatico Laboratories (Pty) Ltd
Address: 89 Regency drive, R21 Corporate Park, Centurion
Phone: (012) 450 3800

Our Reference:

We as the owners of this website do not have any part, arrangement or agreement with Waterlab (Pty) Ltd or  Aquatico Laboratories (Pty) Ltd to promote their services. We mentioned their business name because they have only provided us with excellent service. Feel free to make use of their services. If you expect quality service and friendly faces. This is the people to talk to. 



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