Groundwater users.

Groundwater is not the same quality that it was 40 years ago.
Life and death is present in the groundwater.


Liability of groundwater providers.

You have a small holding with a few cottages.
You rent the cottages out.
The water that’s been used is groundwater.
You used it for years with no problem.

Tenant sues for ill health.

A tenant that rent a cottage from you is suing you for ill health.
He claims that his ill health is due to the water that he used during his stay.
He claims hundreds of thousands of rands.

Groundwater provider statement.


What proof do you have to counteract his claim?
If I can make an assumption.
You have none.
Do you have any water test reports?
Was it done on a regular interval?
Is there any element that is above the limit?
What action did you take to rectify the issue?

Groundwater fasts.

If you have no proof and action to state.
You can rather settle than go to court.

Groundwater assistance.

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