Borehole Water Certification Process.

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  1. Get the water tested.
  2. A accredited laboratory.
  3. Send the test results to
  4. We will study the test result.
  5. We will advise you about the status of the water.
  6. If there is no health risk we will give you a certification for the borehole.
  7. If there is health risk we will advice action to take.
  8. Is not guarantee that water would always stay as results.
  9. Certification is as the water was at the time the water was taken.

Never ever assume the borehole water to be safe for human consumption.

The Borehole Water Certification.

Do you have a borehole that you use for domestic purposes?
It is advised that you get the water tested.
You would argue that the water is clean and taste wonderful.
You drink the water for years and you find no fault with it.
When people visit you from town they experience diarrhea for a few days.
We don’t think it is from the water.

Water treatment specialists.

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Borehole Water Certification

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