We renting a property with a borehole.

Responsibility of the owner of a borehole.

Have proof of water tests done on borehole water not older than two years.
Provide water purifying system and water tests of the systems water.
Proof that the French drain comply with local Municipality standards.
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Borehole and French drain requirements.

If you renting a property that is dependent on the use of borehole water for everyday use.
The borehole water must be tested by an accredited laboratory and the test report of at least one year old must be available.
The owner of the property must provide the occupants with clean, safe water.
It is advisable that every dwelling on the property have a water purifying system.
The water of the purifying system must also be tested for bacteria.

Claims against borehole owners.

If the property owner that rent property out that’s using borehole water do not have any proof of water tests that’s been done by an accredited laboratory.
That owner can be held liable for health effects that the occupants of the property may experience.
Things like kidney failure, cancers, Liver failure, Alzheimer’s, respiratory problems, skin problems, nervous system and many more.
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Protection for the person that rent a property with a borehole.

Property owners rent their property out to people to get an extra income.
There is no problem with that.
The issue is the health of the people renting that property.
First is there any proof of test results for the water that’s been used on the property?
Does the French drain comply with the local municipality standards?
If any of the two is no then the owner of that property must rectify the problem to ensure the health risks is minimize.

Advice on the legal aspects of borehole owners.

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