Drain near Borehole is one of the biggest health hazards related to borehole water.

What to do with a drain near borehole.

  • First it is very important to test the water for any harmful minerals, bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

Design of a drain near borehole.

It is very important that you follow the standards for the design and building of a drain.
Make a deep hole in the ground.
Cast concrete on the floor at least 200 millimeters thick.
Use some steel reinforcing mesh in the concrete.
The hole must be at least 5 meters long and two meters wide.
It is always better to make it too big than to small.
You must divide the floor space in three sections.
Build the outside wall with two rows of bricks.
That is 230 millimeters wide.
You can even build three rows of brick on the outer walls.
The inner walls can be a one layer bricks.
Make sure you study the correct outlet principles for the sewerage water flow from one section to the other.
Plaster the walls to have a smooth wall surface.
The new raw sewerage will flow into the first section and with time the solids will move to the bottom of the section.
The water will now flow over to the second section.
Any solids that are still present will move to the bottom of the second section.
The water will then flow over to the third section.
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Using the Septic tank water.

This tank must be filled with material that has maximum surface areas.
You install a pipe that is connected to an air pump that pumps air into the tank from the bottom.
The air that moves upwards helps the bacteria to absorb any solids or harmful bacteria.
When the water tank reach a certain height that water can now flow over to another small plastic tank that have some chlorine tablets in just to kill any bacteria and viruses.
What I would do is to install a UV light system at the outflow pipe of the small plastic tank.
That is for the final kill.
When the water flow passes the UV light any live organisms and viruses will be killed.
The water from this small tank would be suitable for gardening and to be used on plants.
I do not have any faith is the use of chlorine to kill roundworms.
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What about a pit toilet?

A pit toilet is one of the biggest pollution culprits of ground water there is.
A pit toilet is a no go.
I don’t know why this ANC government do not ban pit toilets.
I guess it would now be a race thing.
They will say that it is only the poor people that make use of pit toilets.
The ANC government must provide better toilets for the people.
No why would they?
They would rather look for ways to take that money for themselves.
They do not care about pollution or the health implications it could have on the people.
What they don’t think of is that the people that are health conscious will use systems to purify their water.
The poor will just get ill and die due to the contaminated water.
Who will get the blame for the polluted water?
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