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How to purify borehole water.


There is different ways to purify borehole water.
That is to make use of the reverse osmosis systems.
The reverse osmosis systems remove most of the stuff that is present in the borehole water.
The next item is the UV light System.
It is also advisable to use a UV light unit.
The UV light unit kills all live parasites and organisms that may be present in the
borehole water.

The most important thing to do is to get the water tested. Download the borehole test form and get your water tested. Does it today, tomorrow will have some other issues you must attend to?


Why must we purify borehole water?


It is of the utmost importance that the borehole water is been purified.
The reason is that you do not know from where the borehole water comes.
The quality of the borehole water all depends from the water catchment area of the borehole.
Borehole water can change in minutes from a high quality to low quality water.
It all depends what take place at the catchment area of the borehole.
There could be a spillage of highly toxic chemicals.
Heavy rains also play an important part in the quality of the borehole water.


 Water system to purify borehole water.

First of all we recommend the 5 stage reverse osmosis system with “Bio activated carbon” filters.
The “bio activated carbon filters” is a high quality filter.
We only use the “Bio activated carbon filters” when we service our clients water systems.
There are two things you must get to purify the borehole water.
The 5 stage reverse osmosis system with the “bio activated carbon filters”.
Then the UV light unit.
That is all you need.


Reasons for purifying borehole water.


Let’s say the borehole water catchment area runs through a township.
These townships have toilets outside.
This toilet is just a hole in the ground with a metal structure on top.
The waste fall to the ground and filters in the ground.
This flow down and end up in the borehole vain.
This vain can flow for hundreds of kilometres underground.
This borehole water can be contaminated with all sorts of chemicals, bacteria and parasites.
We have proof of what we have found in borehole water.
Search for borehole water parasites.


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