Wealth Creation

The way to wealth creation.

Wealth creation is something that we as the masses see as the privilege that only the rich can enjoy. Did you ever think that the rich was born just like you and came in this world naked and will go naked out of this world. Yes but their parents were rich when he was born.

Getting the same riches as the rich.

Let’s set the stage the same for both of you. We give you the same amount of money the rich person have. What do you think would the outcome be over let’s taking a time span of three years? The same amount of money. What did you do with the money and what did the rich person do with the money. I will bet my money as follow. You would have squander it all or have very little to show. The bet on the rich person would be that the money value has increased. He has more than he started of three years ago.

Money has karma.

Look and care after money and it will attract more. Waste and spend money will chase money way. If you don’t care and look after money then you can be sure that money will not come to you because you are moneys enemy. People who care and look after money make money their friend because they know that their friend will be there to support them. You will always have a shortage of money while the other person will always have abundance.

Rich and poor mentality.

The poor always look to the rich as if they have sinned against them. The problem is that the poor never take the time to take a real hard look to themselves. They don’t want to face the facts it is easier to blame somebody else than yourself. My friend if you are poor then the blame for that is on yourself.

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