Well points

Western cape Well points.

Well points water treatment.

  • We can assist you in your well point water treatment.
  • We specialize in the treatment of borehole and well point water.
  • If you want us to assist you with the well point water treatment we would require the latest water test report.
  • The water test report is of the utmost importance.

Cape Town Well points.

  • Cape Town is the town with the best points in South Africa.
  • The water from most of this well points is been used in gardens.
  • The water quality of the well point water can vary from good too bad.
  • It doesn’t matter what the quality of the water is we would be able to treat it.
  • Some treatments are cheap and others are expensive.
  • Some require maintenance on a daily basis while others do not require any maintenance.

Well points water advice.

  • If you need well point advice feel free to contact us.
  • We would only provide you with advice if you can provide us with a water test report.

Well point water testing.

  • If you want to get your well point water testing done at a laboratory.
  • Please make sure that they use the SANS 241 standard.
  • Don’t think you can use your agricultural water analysis for your domestic usage.

Well Points in the Western Cape.

Well points in the Western Cape are high in demand due to the drought that the Western Cape experience. The average cost for a well point is R 5 000.00. There is some people that ask less that the R 5 000.00 but my experience with this cheap drillers is that they do not know a lot about the well point drilling. The moment they reach the layer of clay they stop. They do not have the means to drill a proper well point. There are some horror stories about the well point drillers. Every person is now a well point expert. A few months ago there were only three well point contractors on gumtree but now there is more than a thousand. From three to more than a thousand in just six months. The two that I could remember was De Wet’s drilling and a man named Raymond. I can’t remember the other person’s name. I came across Raymond’s website the other day that’s www.wellpointdrilling.co.za. Some of the clients that I installed water treatment system for informed me that he know his work. He even looks for water before his drill. The feedback was positive.

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