Cape Town Well Water

Quality of Cape Town Well Water.

What is the quality of Cape Town well water?

From all the water analysis that clients send me the fact stands clear. The well point water of the cape region is not of a low quality. The problem is that the element that is present in the water is very difficult to treat. We talk about the combinations of the different elements that are involved.

Cape Town Well water elements.

The most prominent elements that we find in the water are as follows: Calcium and magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Iron and manganese. The last two is not in every water sample. The first four elements are in nearly every water sample that we get. This is the difficult part in the water treatment process.

Calcium and magnesium in Cape Town Well water.

The calcium and magnesium in the Cape Town well point water is the second biggest problem.  The most common treatment method for the removal of calcium and magnesium is to use resin. The resins collect the calcium and magnesium as it flow pass the resin. At 2:00 in the morning the system flush by sucking up brine from the brine tank. The brine causes the resin to discharge the calcium and magnesium leaving the resin clean. This is how the calcium and magnesium is removed from the water. The problem with the well water is that it already contains sodium (brine). As the water flow into the system it would flow pass the resin without any action from the resin on the calcium and magnesium. The system is totally ineffective in this case.

Cape Town Well water with Sodium.

The removal of sodium is a very expensive process and requires a desalination plant. This plant is designed for large volumes of water treatment. The desalination plant is not an option for normal domestic use.

Cape Town well water with Chloride.

The chloride can be treated with different methods. Most of the methods are effective and suitable for domestic use.



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