Well Point Water Advice

we need some well point water advice

Some well point water advice.

  • We have found that the well point water in the Cape region is of a poor quality.
  • Before you stop reading I want to make it clear that the well point water can still be used with the correct treatment.
  • The element that is in the water makes it very difficult to treat.

Well point advice.

  • We assist any person that wants some well point advice.
  • What we do not do is to be a free source of information to the DIY people. 
  • It took us years to collect the correct information.
  • To only act on the information the product manual or the sales people gave.

Well point treatment advice.

  • The most important aspect of well point treatment is to have the area around the well point and borehole free of any vegetation.
  • Look for ants that have their nest on the side of the sleeve of the hole.
  • The well point or borehole must be covered to prevent anything from getting into the well point.
  • Snakes likes to get into the well point and lands up in the water.
  • Do not add any chemicals in the well point.

Any well point water advice?

  • It doesn’t matter how the water looks or smells.
  • We will help you solve any water problem you may have.
  • We specialize in the treatment of well point water.
  • All we require is the latest well point water test results.
  • The well point water must be tested by an accredited laboratory.
  • Stay away from water shops.
  • Well point and borehole water treatment is not their specialty.


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