Well point

What is a well point?

Most people don’t know that the well point exists. Mentioning the word well point to people in Gauteng and they will look to you with a strange impression on their faces. An outspoken person would ask you right way what the well point is. People know a well and a borehole. I only hear about the well point a year ago. People would inform you that they have a well point when they in fact have a borehole.


Well point

Well point explanation.

A well point is not very deep. The well point in most cases less than 9 meters deep. The well point is a PVC pipe that is in the ground. The end that is in the ground has guts in to about a 2/5 in the pipe. This gut is about 600 milimeter long. The guts are then covered with a cloth to prevent sand and sediment from getting into the pipe. The pipe has a blank off at the end of the pipe.

Well point above the ground.

The pipe comes out of the ground to a non-return valve that prevents water from flowing back into the ground. From the non-return valve you would get the pump that pump the water from the well point into a tank.

Characteristics of a well point.

The well point doesn’t have a pump in the ground or at the bottom of the pipe. The well point pipe is fixed. The borehole on the other hand has a pump in the hole at the bottom of the pipe. The borehole pump can be pulled out for inspection.

Well point or borehole.

What is the best option between the well point and the borehole? This is a very difficult subject to answer. We are talking about the situation in the Cape region.

The well point is not expensive and you would have a well point that provide water for about R 15 200.00. The borehole is more expensive and can cost you anything from R 30 000.00 to more than R 100 000.00. It all depends on the depth, rock formation and the water.

Tap water from a well point.

More and more people want to change over from the municipality water to well point or borehole water. If you do this change you must make sure that your tap water is of a high quality.



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