Well points around Cape Town

Use of well points around Cape Town.

  • With the drought in the Cape region we have no other means but to look for other alternatives for water.
  • We estimate that there is about 2 800 well points around Cape Town that is not used effectively.
  • There is hundreds of well points that is only been used for gardening purposes.
  • It is about time that the well point water is been treated for household use.

Can we use our Well points water for household purposes?

  • We have a well point in the cape town area and we would rather use our well point water for our household.
  • The water restrictions in our area are critical.
  • We must start to use our well point water.

Who can treat well point water in cape town?

  • Talk to us, we would assist you every step of the way.
  • First step is to get your well point water tested.
  • Get the testing form from the website.
  • First on the menu is the page “Borehole water test form”.
  • Open the page and look for the words “Water Test Form” or open the photo on the right hand side of the page.
  • The water testing form will open.
  • Download the form and send it with the water sample to an accredited laboratory. Please mark all the elements on the form. It is very important.
  • Step Two: Talk to Us.

Cape town well point water treatment.

  • We will assist you with any well point water issues.
  • We specialize in the treatment of well point water.
  • If your well point water tastes bad we can always treat it.
  • There is no reason why you can’t use your well point water.


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