Well points in Cape Town

Information regarding well points in Cape Town.

  • We would assist you with information regarding any well point water problems that you may experience in the Cape town region.
  • We receive well point analysis from people in the Cape region.
  • We have notice that they have a mayor problem when it comes to safe water.
  • About 80% of the water samples have Calcium, magnesium, Sodium and Chloride in.
  • This is a complicated combination of elements.

Well point water treatment in the Cape region.

  • To treat the well point water you need to have a clear understanding of the different applications for the different elements that is present in a specific water sample.
  • Every water sample has its own elements that require a different approach.

Using water softener for well point water.

  • The uninformed sales person would advise you to get a water softener to treat the hardness of your well point water.
  • It would work in may be 10% of the well points.
  • 80% of the well points or borehole water in the Cape region is not suitable for the use of a water softener.
  • If you want to know more.
  • Feel free to contact us.

Use well point water in the Cape region.

  • You can use the well point water in the Cape region on your plants.
  • Please do not use it for human consumption.
  • Have it tested first.
  • Ask for the SANS 241 standard test.
  • You can download the water test form from Boreholewater.com.
  • Look for the water test form in the menu.
  • Download the form and print it.


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