Well Points Water Treatment

Well points water treatment practices.

  • Well point water treatment practices require a good understanding of the elements that is present in the water.
  • That is why the well point water must be tested.
  • We require the latest water test report.
  • Without the report it would be a waste of money.
  • The report would give us clear indication of what system or application it required.

Well points water treatment system.

  • With the well points or borehole s you never know what type of system you would use.
  • The water test report gives us guidance in the design of the different applications for the different situation.
  • We would never give you any advice without the water analysis.
  • The normal big blue system is been used in about 10% of our installations.
  • The big blue system is totally in effective when it comes to the treatment of well point water.
  • Cape Town Well points.

Well points water system.

  • Well point water systems would most of the time consist of a few systems that work on a specific element or condition.
  • There is no one system fits all conditions. 
  • We find that people have the big blue system for their well point or borehole.
  • They bought it most of the time at water shops that informed them that the big blue system would solve their water issues.
  • Don’t buy a big blue system.
  • It is a waste of money.
  • Rather get your water tested at the accredited laboratory.


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